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High performance, high risk?

Vulnerability is the fatal weakness of the electronics industry. Electronic products are becoming smaller and smaller, more and more sensitive to shock and vibration. Especially high-end products and hardware.

Satellites, for example, often rely on hard drives on laptops. Missiles, which are often transported, bump and drop in danger, may damage computer components and break fine joints or solder joints.

Just under the impact of the fall, there are also serious risks of vibration and resonance. In normal transportation, electronic components or final assemblies usually withstand random vibration of 1G at frequencies ranging from 3 to 50 hertz for 20 minutes. However, structural vibration and chassis of trucks and train compartments, the vibration frequency will reach 70 Hz, and from the rail joint range from 30 to 300 Hz vibration. The frequencies of vibration of ship bulkheads and cargo aircraft floors ranged from 2 hertz to 200 hertz.

Proper packaging can reduce some of the impact of vibration and shock. Packaging designers design "appropriate packaging" to prevent equipment fro