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Strong organization also needs protection

In 2010, 42% of aircraft were exported to the United States, including 72% of civil aircraft and accessories. Exports were widespread and imports became more widespread. Boeing's 787 is called Dreamliner, and 24 countries are involved in making it the most international aircraft.

Since the parts of these suppliers are shipped to Washington State for final assembly, it is important to pack them properly when they leave the factory to ensure that each part is in good condition. Obviously, the transport component is not simply putting the aircraft into the warehouse, each component will be affected by some external factors, and even some components need better protection.

Before final assembly, the contractor will require desiccant to remove humidity to prevent humidity from corroding the fuselage. Vibration will also affect the fuselage. It can be imagined that the importance of the aircraft fuselage, any component will be affected by moisture or vibration, the fuselage is composed of many components, must ensure that all components in the transport process are protected to ensure that quality standards are met. Quality assurance is essential. If a component is damaged, production may stop or the entire fleet may stop until the cause is determined and the risk is analyzed.

Return from the suspension point on the inside container. As a result of the transport process between Moscow and Kazakhstan, it rolled inside the crate and damaged several axles and components of the capsule.

Nor can monitoring procedures prevent accidents, but they can alert engineers and shippers to reduce losses. The same principle applies to aerospace supply chains. The monitoring procedure notifies the shipper, thus helping to prevent further problems.

Whether the surface is bent or flat, ShockWatch's Flex is directly mounted on the product, and when it turns red, the product has exceeded its allowable acceleration impact.