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Fresh fruit transportation requires complex conditions, some varieties fear cold, some varieties fear heat, the temperature range of transportation requirements are different, but the temperature range of most kinds of fruit transportation requirements is between 0 and 4 C. The transportation of bananas requires a relatively high temperature range, preferably between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius, in order to ensure the quality of bananas when they arrive at their destination. In addition, soft and juicy fruits have low resistance to mechanical injury and are vulnerable to mechanical damage such as vibration and collision. Care should be taken to protect them during transportation. Generally speaking, although the transportation conditions of different fruit requirements are quite different, the following aspects should be paid attention to in transportation:

(1) Do a good job of quality inspection

(2) Choosing packaging suitable for fruit characteristics

(3) There should be ventilation gap in loading.

(4) Keep the temperature required for fruit on the way

Tempaction temperature recorder is a kind of temperature monitoring and recording product specially used for cold chain transportation, which belongs to disposable product. It can monitor and record the temperature between - 30 ~70 ~C for 90 days. It is simple to use and can open the start button normally. When the temperature recorder arrives at the destination, it inserts the recorder directly into the computer USB interface and automatically generates a PDF-format record report. The report is encrypted and can not be modified. It can record the temperature of the whole process of cargo transportation.